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Talitha Arts works with  a wide range of vulnerable groups, including survivors of domestic violence, ex-offenders, homeless, those with dementia, trafficked women, refugees and children. Talitha’s Arts’ pioneering integrative arts workshops are of particular value to those who find expressing themselves challenging, due to trauma, emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties as a result of adverse life circumstances.  

Talitha Arts’ therapeutic practitioners use the creative arts to take people on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression; helping them on the road to a sense of significance, identity and purpose. We believe in the unique value of the individual and want to celebrate each person’s gifts and strengths; offering choice and unconditional positive regard to all participants of our therapeutic arts sessions. 

Talitha Arts’ therapeutic practitioners offer a safe placewhere people can express their feelings, hopes, joys and fears. Talitha Arts seeks to help participants to develop an understanding of themselves and others. They are encouraged to find creative solutions to obstacles and develop new perspectives encouraging them to explore healthy coping strategies for the situations they find themselves in. 

Talitha Arts is grateful to the Trustees of the Victoria Wood Foundation for its support of its work.